I grew up on a hobby rescue farm and nature preserve where animals were like friends and family to me. I learned to admire and respect all walks of life, from cute and cuddly to creepy crawly. They all had
personalities. They thought, they felt, they loved and hated, and they even learned to be like us - so to me, they seemed just as human I was.

As I taught myself to become a professional artist,  I looked into my experiences and began to paint and sculpt the animals in my life. I paint detailed acrylic portraits, portraying the animals as realistically as I
can - or sometimes whimsically, as I sometimes see them in my imagination. I sculpt life-like animals as well, each uniquely made from gourds. The animals were always characters in my head, whether I
personified them in art or not.

They all have stories to tell. I want to help share them and the own creative tales that spin in my mind. Enjoy my Art from the Heart, and thank you!
Acrylic Painting
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