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Gourd Butterflies and Moths
Realistic Gourd Butterflies
With their wings being made out of
gourd shells, some of the butterflies and
moths are delicate. The ones that are
get framed in custom assembled
shadowbox frames. I choose the mats
that compliment them and the frame.
The unframed butterflies and moths can
be hung on a wall like the framed ones
with a wire loop on their belies.
Gourd Sculptures
Realistic Gourd Moths
A gourd butterfly in progress as I sand their wings from gourd shells.
Realistic Gourd Butterfly #2: Monarch
There are so many
incredible varieties of
moths. I'm fascinated by
their patterns and
combination of colors.
Their feathery antennae
of these is made from
wire and paper.
Few animals are as delicate and beautiful as the butterfly and moth. So what better medium to make them than gourds! Gourds are naturally
hollow shells and curved. Their fibrous, dense nature is easily cut with a jigsaw and can be sanded into any shape. Once the pieces are cut and
assembled, I sculpt their bodies and texture their fine hair. Painting them is the fun part!

The pictures below are just a sampling of what I've made and may not be available. Check my online stores to see what I have in
stock. Every sculpture is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so check often for updates!

Want your own gourd Butterfly or Moth? You can buy them directly from my online shop.
You can also order a custom made gourd sculpture by Contacting me.
Realistic Gourd Butterfly #6: Red-spotted purple
Realistic Gourd Butterfly #8: Grand Duchess
Realistic Gourd Butterfly #10: Peacock Butterfly
Butterfly #12, Clipper Butterfly, framed in a deep shadowbox frame.
Butterfly #1: Tiger Swallowtail
Realistic Gourd Moth #13: Green and White Geometrid
Realistic Gourd Moth #16: Io Moth
Realistic Gourd Moth #18: Cecropia Moth
Gourd Moth #19, the owl moth, is framed in a barnwood shadowbox frame.
Gourd Moth #20, the Death Head Moth
Gourd Sculptures, life cycle set of the Monarch butterfly.
Butterfly #40: Fantasy Hot Pink Butterfly
Butterfly #22: "Natural" Butterfly. Color is the natural gourd. Accented veins.
Butterfly #32: "Natural" Butterfly
Butterfly #44: Blue Morpho