All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   

I am a little biased towards cats, but I have to admit, I adore dogs too! My gourd sculpted cats and dogs are created with a complex assembly
of whole and cut gourds. I can never duplicate a sculpture with each gourd being unique in shape and size. Most of the sculptures here were
custom orders and are not available. You can order a custom made gourd animal by
Contacting me.
Gourd Cats & Dogs
Gourd Cats
Gourd Sculptures
She was made to be life-sized like the
client's own calico cat.
Work in progress of
life-sized cat "Pooka".
Her gourds are
assembled and air-
drying clay has been
used to fill her shape
before the real detail
work begins.
These gourd cats were busy! The larger cats are made of many gourds, while the miniature cats
(3-4 inches tall) are made of one and a half mini doll gourds. All are hand-made, no molds!
Gourd Cat #7 - Bungee.
Painted Cat Gourd Bowl
Kittens made
from miniature
bottle gourds
(1.5 gourds)
and paper
clay. Each
between 3-4"
Gourd Dogs
Pooping Puppy #2. This gag sculpture is of a squatting dog (complete with a pile of poop)
Pooping Puppy #5, Reba the Boxer
"Pooka" is a life-sized gourd cat sculpture. Made of 10 gourds.
Tweed of Ringwood Acres, custom made Boxer sculpture
Tweed of Ringwood Acres, 9" tall, 14" long