Miniature Realistic Gourd Dragons
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
My most popular series are my gourd dragons. I mainly make miniatures and hatchlings, but you can't have baby dragons without their much
larger parents! I've always been fascinated by dragons. Growing up I drew them constantly. My miniature dragons are made of a single
spinner gourd, but the larger ones are made of many gourds assembled, like the picture to the right.

The pictures below are just a sampling of what I've made and may not be available. Check my online stores to see what I have in
stock. Every sculpture is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so check often for updates!

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Gourd Dragons
Realistic Gourd Dragons
These highly detailed dragons require a many
layered process to create. Not only do I have to
prepare the gourds, but they must be fitted and
assembled. Once the base is made, I use wire
to begin the legs and wings, add clay to fill in
the shape, and then tediously apply every
single scale by hand and one-by-one. Fabric is
used for the wings.
Gourd Sculptures
"Standard" Miniature Gourd Dragons
The gourd base
for large gourd
dragon "Aurora".
The gourds are
assembled and
she's ready to
have more
Large Dragon #4 - Great Earth Dragon. Composed of 7 gourds and sculpted with various clays. 14" tall
The fourth in the series of large detailed gourd dragons, the commissioned "Aurora"
dragon is a sibling to the Great Earth Dragon (left). This powerful she-dragon is 16
inches tall and 14 inches long.
Miniature Realistic dragon #1 - "Rose"
Realistic Gourd Dragon #6: Spotted Middle Earth.  9" tall.
Miniature gourd dragons are made from a single heirloom spinner gourd. Their little details are sculpted with paperclay. Each one is
totally unique, their features are completely random. They are 2.5 to 4" long.
Medium Dragon #11, Storm the Lightning Dragon. 10.5" tall and long.
"Brann Torden", the Canid Fire Dragon.
Medium Dragon #13, "Morgana" the skull Wyvern. 8.5" long.
Medium Dragon #15, "Francis" the Tropical Dragon.
Medium Dragon #14, Meela the Aquatic Dragon.
"Vegzet" the Zombie Dragon.
Miniature Realistic Dragon # 2 - "Tidus"
Miniature Realistic Dragon # 9
Large Dragon #5 - The Guardian. 21" tall.