~ Gourd Trees
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Flora is just as important as Fauna, so all things green (and colorful) are also in my gourd sculpture repertoire! All of the sculptures in this section are
made from gourds. The trees leaves are gourd fragments, flower petals are individually cut pieces, and the mushroom caps are gourds too. I use
gourds wherever possible to make them as natural as possible. Wire and clay help fill in the rest to make unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

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Gourd Flora (Trees, flowers, and Mushrooms)
Gourd Sculptures
Tree #1, 15" tall. 214 Leaves
Tree #2. Donated to the NC Zoo for their annual benefit auction, 2016. 200 leaves
~ Gourd Flowers
~ Gourd Mushrooms
Mushroom #9
Mushroom #8
Mushroom set #4
Trees are made with a tedious process of breaking
gourds, then trimming the small fragments into
teardrop shaped leaves. Each is attached to a wire and
combined to attach to the trunk, which is also a gourd.
For durability, the trunk and branches are then
textured with clay and painted. No two are ever alike,
just like real trees!
Mushrooms are made with gourd "leftovers".
When cutting apart gourds for other uses, I
usually have the top of the gourd left behind. I
never throw parts of a gourd away (never know
when you can use it), so the orphaned pieces
behind mushrooms! They're all colored with
Alcohol Inks, which make bright and
unpredictable patterns.
Mushroom set #7
Mushroom set #5, with a hitchhiking spider
Mushroom #3
The "Mother Tree" was an
adventurous project made for the
Cameron Art Museum in
Wilmington, NC. With the exhibition
theme of "The Art of Illumination", I
planned and created a large lamp
in the shape of a whimsical tree.
This 19" tall, 14" wide lamp is made
of many gourds. A single gourd
forms the body of the lamp while
many small gourds were used to
make the leaves. There are 721
leaves on 19 sculpted branches.
The nearly month long project took
118 hours to complete and is
among my most involved sculpture
projects to date.
A couple years after making the individual flowers (seen below), I decided to take a few of the unsold ones and combine them into a
flower vase. The vase is made from a painted gourd set on a marble tile. The vase contains 8 flowers.