Gourd Sculptures
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
The sculptures here are life-sized, either made on commission, donated, or for a gallery. They show that there are no limitations to what is
possible! Click on the names of the sculptures to read more.

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Life-Sized Gourd Sculpture
~ Life-sized Baby Elephant
Made in 2012 specially for the NC Zoo, this
baby elephant is among the largest sculptures
I've made. She measures 40" long and 30" tall
and took 4 months to make. She was donated
to the zoo for their annual benefit auction to
raise funds for their vet clinic, wildlife rehab,
and animal exhibit renovations.

Click the images to see the lengthy
progress of creating her!
~ Amahle Sanaa the Masai Giraffe
Amahle Sanaa means "beautiful artwork" in
Africaan, and this big girl lives up to her name.

Amahle is a life-sized baby Masai giraffe made
of 10 gourds, 48 lbs of clay, and other mixed
media, She stands 66 inches tall (5' 5", or
165cm) and is 25 inches long. She's complete
with faux fur hair and taxidermy glass eyes.

Click the images to read more and see the
process of creating Amahle Sanaa!
~ Edward Tentacles the Octopus
~ "Mama" the Green Sea Turtle
Octopi can be any size, from smaller than your
thumbnail to the size of a table! Edward is still
considered life-sized. He measures 8" tall and
16" wide and deep. He's made from 10 gourds,
8 of which create his legs, plus epoxy clay and
hand painted acrylic eyes.

Edward was on public display at the PTI/GSO
International Airport from May 2017 to 2018.
"Mama" the Green Sea Turtle was a custom
made turtle for Kristen Joy Laidig. She
measures 18" long, is made of 9 gourds, wire,
and clay with hand painted acrylic eyes. She's
mounted on a piece of vintage driftwood.