Lionhead Rabbit
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Other Gourd Animals and Creatures
Gourd Sculptures
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A miniature gourd painted with a wrap-around tiger and lavender scene.
Gourd Lizard #1, Displaying Green Anole
A giant cobra made from 2 large gourds. The entire tail,
body, and neck is one long "snake" gourd. The hood is
part of a cannonball gourd. Only the head was sculpted.
American Alligator, 9" long.
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The Goblin King, made of 13 gourds, clay, and embellishments. 13.5" tall
Gargoyle Gecko, 8.5" long
T-rex, 24" long
Spinosaurus, 26" long
Velociraptor. 6" long.
Aliens in Love, 5" wide
These three dinosaurs were custom
ordered and are unique among my
sculptures. They are free standing, made
of gourds, wire, paperclay, and epoxy clay.
The "Ponycorn" (chubby pony unicorn). 6" long
"The Cheif", gourd figure with ink drawing. 10.5" tall.