Hyper-Realistic Gourd Turtles
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
My very first gourd sculpture, made in 2007, was a gourd turtle. It started with a random idea that turned a fascination. I have my artsy gardener
grandmother to thank for that! Since then I've created a long standing series of gourd turtles. Every turtle I've made is based off of a real species
backed by real life and studied research. I make miniatures (3" long) up to very large life-sized sea turtles.

The pictures below are just a sampling of what I've made and may not be available. Check my online stores to see what I have in stock.
Every sculpture is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so check often for updates!

Want to purchase a gourd turtle? You can buy them directly from my online shop. You can also order a custom made gourd turtle by Contacting me.
Gourd Turtles
HR Turtle #1 - "Snappy" the leucistic Alligator Snapping turtle. 14" long.
Turtle #HR3, the Yellow-blotched Sawback
Miniature HR Turtle #1 - 3-toed box turtle. 2.5" long
"Eve" the Pinta Island Tortoise, #HR15. 17.5" long.
MHR turtle #2 - Northern Diamondback Terrapin
#HR4: "George" the Galapagos Tortoise. 14" long.
Miniature Turtles
All of my gourd turtles, both realistic and
stylized, use several breeds of gourds. For
medium and large turtles I use a gourd
called the 'maranka', or 'caveman' gourd.
For heirloom 'miniature spinner' gourd. I use
canteen gourds, dippers, and hybrid
basketball gourds for others. Each turtle
consists of one or two gourds for the shell
and pieces for the legs, neck, and head. I
use air-drying and epoxy based clays to
form all of their details with added glass
eyes and cedar wood bases.
Gourd Sculptures
Every miniature turtle, made with a single heirloom spinner gourd, is 100% handmade. I grow the gourds myself and use
air-drying clay to sculpt their features. Then they are hand painted to resemble a real species. All are about 3 inches long.
HR Turtle # 8, Loggerhead Sea Turtle. 15" long
My largest gourd turtle to date, "Mama" the Green Sea Turtle is over 18" long.
Made of 9 gourds and many pounds of clay. She's perched on vintage cypress driftwood.
"Woodrow" the Wood Turtle. 14" long
Yellow-blotched Sawback. 10.5" long
Green Sea Turtle, 10" (#HR9).
Turtle HR #13 - a beach colored Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Custom order.
Loggerhead Sea Turtle #HR14. 15" long
Bruce the Moss-backed Loggerhead. 15" long and wide.
"Magnus" the Magma tortoise. 10" long
"Earl" the Eastern Box Turtle. 11" long.
"Celeste" the Cosmic Box Turtle, #HR21. 10.5" long.