8x10" acrylic on ampersand
(C) Cara Bevan 2014
Landscape Gallery
There's a time between the seasons, and in many parts of life, where all you can do is wait. We
can wait because we want to, to bide time, or wait anxiously for something new. It applies to many
of the things we do, even if we don't realize it. Sometimes, we should just sit back and enjoy it.

Here my father, Ricky Bevan, waits at the barn on the old recovered church pew. The pottery
shop across the aisle is open and he's just enjoying the overcast autumn winds. Hugo the barn
cat takes advantage of his open lap. As hobby farmers there is a lot to do, and some waiting too.
My dad has been given a sticky note he's holding in his hand. He'll wait just a little bit longer,
then get to his new to-do list. Hugo doesn't mind at all.
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