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Gourd Sculptures
Welcome to the Gourd Sculpture section of my website! Below you can browse the various types of gourd sculptures I create.
Every sculpture is handmade from a gourd or several gourds mixed with other materials such as wire, clay, and fabric. Each is
one-of-a-kind and specially signed, dated, and numbered. No two are alike! These are just a sampling of the many creatures I've
created. The collection keeps growing! You can see what's available for sale in my online shops linked to the right.

Feel free to
contact me if you want a custom creation of your own.
Watch the process of a gourd owl getting their feathers!
Gourd Turtles
Gourd Dragons
Gourd Beetles
Gourd Birds
Gourd Cats & Dogs
Gourd Frogs/Toads
Gourd Fish and Sea life
But first, a little information about gourds...

Gourds are a naturally occurring plant related to squash and pumpkins. The plant itself is a long vine
that can grow between 20 to 40 feet long depending on the breed. There are hundreds of different
breeds of gourd, each growing a unique shaped fruit. The fruit is the gourd, and in each one is a
papery luffa containing many seeds. Unlike their cousins though, gourds can't be eaten when
mature. They grow a hard, wood-like shell that becomes hollow when dried. When a gourd is
properly dried and cleaned, the hollow shell won't decay or degrade and it's able to be used in any
form of art or craft! Gourds can be tiny, as small as 3 inches tall. Or they can be massive, as big as
tables. They can be smooth, lumpy, ridged, round, barbell shaped, and so much more.

Gourd are amazing - and so is what you can do with them.
A collection of dried gourds.
Miniature spinner gourds growing on the vine.
Life-Sized Sculptures
Gourd Butterflies & Moths
Natural Sculpture
Gourd Spiders
Other Animals and Figures
Life-Sized Sculptures
Flora (Trees, Flowers, Mushrooms)
Gourd Objects