Gourd Blogs and Numbered Series
Many of my gourd sculptures, such as turtles, cats, dragons, and frogs, belong to series. Each sculpture is handmade and
specially numbered particular to that series. Browse the blogs and series and see the variety of gourd sculptures in each!

Check out the series Here!
See Project Elephant, the endeavor
to create a life-sized
baby elephant from gourds!
Gourd Sculpture
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My favorite hobby and second job is sculpting. The sculptures here are gourd based sculptures. The gourds for my sculptures are grown by me or locally by my
grandmother Yvonne Spinks and are guaranteed strong. All gourds are prepared to never degrade and I use air-drying or epoxy based clay to sculpt on them. All are
sealed so its unaffected by moisture and dust (these are
indoor only sculptures.) I strive for realism just as I do in my paintings, though I admit some sculptures tend to be
stylized and adorably whimsical! Below are
SAMPLES of what I do. To see more, all I've ever made is uploaded on the Gourd Blogs.

To see the sculptures that are for sale, click the "Gourd Series" link and see the "For Sale" pages of each group.
Email me if you're interested or want something custom!
white polar bear gourd sculpture
All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Refer to
contact for questions.
Gourd frog toad green gourd sculpture
Gourd Frog #74, "Bee" the Corroboree Toadlet
Gourd Sculpture samples for your enjoyment.
Gourd Frog #75, "Korra" the Corrugated or Rivulet Toad. Halle the calico gives a curious sniff.
Hyper-realistic Turtle #3, the Yellow-blotched Sawback
Gourd Lizard #1, Displaying Green Anole
Hyper-realistic Turtle #2 - Chinese Box Turtle
Hyper-realistic Turtle #1 - "Snappy" the leucistic Alligator Snapping turtle. Largest turtle to date, 14" long. Used 5 gourds.
Gourd Beetle # 2 - Kayla's Goliath Beetle
Gourd Beetle # 5 - Rainbow Scarab Beetle
Large Dragon #4 - Great Earth Dragon. Composed of 7 gourds and sculpted with various clays.
Although I prefer to paint in
2D than 3D, it's interesting to
see the capabilities of gourd,
clay, and creativity. I choose
to sculpt realistic animals
rather than figural or
representational sculptures
because I like the challenge of
capturing realism in my work.
Gourd Cat #11 - Pooka. A life-sized sculpture, she's made of 10 gourds.
Gourd Cat "Pooka" and real
calico cat Halle pose
together. The sculpture was
made to be life-sized and
colored and modeled by the
client's own beloved cat.
These gourd cats were busy! The larger cats are made of many gourds, while the miniature cats
(3-4 inches tall) are made of one and a half mini doll gourds. All are hand-made, no molds!
over the years. The sculptures
began very stylized and the realism
has increased as I've created more
and more. Below are some older
works that take on a simpler
appearance but are still cute in
their own way. Some fun and silly
things are mixed in!
The Life-sized baby
gourd Elephant, and
endeavor taking 4
months in 2012 from
January to April. She was
a massive undertaking
and was donated to the
North Carolina zoo for
their annual benefit
auction. She's my largest
sculpture to date. To see
more about her and see
the process of her
creation, visit her
dedicated page