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Gourd Sculpture

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My favorite hobby and second job is sculpting - from a variety of media. These here are gourd based sculptures. The gourds for my sculptures are grown by me or locally
by my grandmother and are guaranteed strong. All gourds are prepared to never degrade and I use air-drying or epoxy based clay to sculpt on them. All are sealed so its
unaffected by moisture and dust (though these are
indoor only sculptures.) I strive for realism just as I do in my paintings, though I admit some sculptures tend to be stylized.

To see the sculptures that are for sale, click the "Gourd Series" link to search through the organized types of sculptures.

Just ask if you're interested or want something custom!
mini gourd acrylic painting
white polar bear gourd sculpture
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Gourd frog toad green gourd sculpture
Gourd Series

Many of my gourd sculptures, such as turtles, cats, and frogs, belong to series. Each one is handmade and specially
numbered. Browse the series list and see all the gourd sculptures in each!

Check the series Here!