All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
Sketches and Plans
Every artist has a sketchbook. Some are used to collect messy ideas and doodles while others are used to form concrete ideas and plans. However an artist creates, they all begin with
an idea. Although I do have a sketchbook full of unrecognizable scribbles (that may eventually become polished drawings), I'm only showing a sampling of my concrete sketch plans
here. The drawings below will become final painted or illustrated artworks at some point. Some I like enough to let them stay as they are. Doodles are artworks too!

If you'd be interested in a digital artwork or illustration,
Contact me!

All drawings are (c) Cara Bevan
"Robots have Hobbies"
"Barely Human"
Dragon "Chacheckasenkos" from Dragon Drawings (book 6, number 49)
"Deal With It"
Character Sketch, "Orange Beard"
"You Can Dance if you Want To
"Bird Flight"