Baby Gourd Elephant
North Carolina Zoo Artwork
Since 2009 I've been supporting the my great local Zoo by donating artwork to their annual auction called "Zoo-to-do." I've painted, printed,
sculpted, and branched out of my usual comfort zone to entertain and impress the auction goers. I'm proud to support the zoo in a way only an
artist can, and I hope to continue doing so. Below are the donations to the zoo organized by year donated and their pages.
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All artwork and information (C) to Cara Bevan and Art from the Heart.   
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"Arctic Sovereign"
arctic sovereign polar bear
2009 Original Painting Donation
"Otter Curiosity"
2010 Original Painting Donation
"The Journey"
The journey otters
2010 1/1 AP Print Donation
"Lunar Light"
lunar light luna moth bug insect acrylic painting
2011 Original Donation
2012 Original Gourd Sculpture Donation
"NC Zoo Stars"
2014 Original 3D Painting Donation