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Elegant and colorful, fanciful gourd fish!


This is a one-of-a-kind, handmade gourd sculpture. It's made from a single miniature "spinner" gourd, carved and details sculpted using epoxy clay. The fins are handmade from craft plastic and its painted with acrylics and metallic powders. It's mounted to driftwood with an acrylic dowel rod and sealed with moisture resistant sealer. **not for outside display, do not put in water**

#86 is a metallic forest green scaled fish on black. The bright green fins give the image of moss and new growth. It measures 3.75" high, 3" wide, and 3.75" long.


Have questions? Want your own custom made sculpture? You can message me here or email me at You can also see a gallery of my work at my website Thank you!

This ships via USPS priority mail. Shipping is included free for the US.

***This sculpture is not intended for kids and pets and not for outside display.***

Mini Gourd Fish #86 - Metallic forest green

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