The hatchlings begin their journey with you in the big wide world ~


This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind sculpture made from a single miniature "spinner" gourd. I use wire and epoxy clay to sculpt the legs, tiny claws, tail, shell scutes, and head. I've paid close attention to their details and painted it with acrylics to resemble a real species of turtle. It's sealed with a water resistant acrylic sealer and mounted on a piece of cedar driftwood.

Miniature Gourd Turtle #MHR27 is a Beaked Cape Tortoise. The real turtle is actually the smallest species of tortoise in the world. Adults measure only 4 inches long. This little guy is just about life-sized! This sculpture with base measures 3.75" tall, 2.25" wide, and 4" long.


Each miniature turtle is hand signed, dated, and specially numbered. No two are alike!

This sculpture ships in a sturdy box, well packed, and sent via USPS.

*This is a handmade sculpture. It is not a toy. It is NOT for outside display, children, or animals.*
If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you!

Mini Gourd Turtle #MHR27, Beaked Cape Tortoise