They fly around the earth on majestic wings ~


This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind gourd sculpture. It's made from several small gourds, wire, and epoxy clay. Every feather and texture was hand sculpted. It's also hand painted with acrylics and metallic powders and sealed with water resistant sealers. Its base is made from a gourd, epoxy clay, and wooden cut cubes to mimic minerals and stone. Also painted with acrylics.

Gourd Songbird #3 is a Lazuli Bunting on lazulite stone. The real species of bird is named after the spectacular mineral which is a rich blue. This one is stylized and is extra shiny to match the rock structure it's perched on. The sculpture with base measures 3.75" tall, 1.75" wide, and 4" long.


Each Gourd sculpture is hand signed, dated, and specially numbered. No two are alike!


This sculpture ships well packed via USPS

*This is a handmade sculpture. It is not a toy and is not for children or pets. NOT for outside display.*

Songbird #3, Blue Lazuli


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