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This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind art sculpture made from gourds. It uses a "dipper" gourd that forms the entire body. Added wire and epoxy clay was used for the head and scale texture, which was hand applied with layers and stamped one scale at a time. The eyes are handmade glass and it's painted with acrylics, then sealed with moisture-resistant sealer.  It hangs on a wall with a "key hole" sculpted onto the back. ***not for outside display***


Gourd snake #6 is a striped garter snake. These small snakes are common across the US and relatively friendly. They like to hide in leaf litter and blend in, catching small creatures and bugs to eat. This one is content to hang out on a wall and enjoy the sights. 10" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3.5" long.


Each sculpture is hand signed, dated, and specially numbered. No two are alike!

This sculpture ships well packed via USPS. Shipping is included free for the US, extra for international.

*This is a handmade sculpture. It is not a toy. It is not recommended for outside display, children, or animals.*

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you!

Striped Garter snake wall-hanging

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