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Frogs and Toads

Frogs and Toads are one of my most popular sculptures. With their variety of colors and patterns, they're eye catching and adorable.

Each frog is handmade from a single gourd of various types. I use wire, paperclay, and epoxy clay to refine their features. Their eyes are hand painted glass, and no two are ever alike. Click the images to see more information on each piece.

You can see the frogs I have for sale currently in the For Sale section. You can also contact me for custom made sculptures of any size.

base miniature price: $35

base small price: $100-250

base medium price: $250-400

base large price: $450-800

(Prices are subject to change with complexity and material costs)


Medium "Montane Litter Frog"

Frog 139_hand.jpg

Miniature gourd frog

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