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My very first gourd sculpture, made in 2007, was a gourd turtle. Many of the turtles I've made are based off of real species. I make miniatures (3 inches long) up to life-sized tortoises and sea turtles.

Every turtle is handmade using gourds and mixed media. Miniatures and smaller turtles only use one, while larger turtles and sea turtles use 4 or more. Their forms are built up with added wire, paperclay, epoxy clay, wood, and glass or acrylic eyes. They're painted with acrylics and those with bases are on cedar driftwood. Click the images to see more information on each piece.

You can see the turtles I have for sale currently in the For Sale section. You can also contact me for custom made sculptures of any size.

base miniature price: $35-65

base small price: $100-250

base medium price: $300-500

base large price: $550-1000

(Prices are subject to change with complexity and material costs)


Miniature Box Turtle


"Earl" the Eastern Box Turtle [medium]

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