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Sculpture Gallery

I began sculpting in 2007 and through the years I've created a wide range of creatures. You can see samples of each type in the specific galleries.

What's special about my sculptures is that most of them are made from gourds. Every sculpture is handmade from a gourd or several assembled together, plus wire, epoxy or air-drying clay, fabric, plastic, wood, and other natural and synthetic materials. Each sculpture is one-of-a-kind and no two are ever alike.

I have sculptures for sale and I also make custom orders! See the FAQ section for questions or feel free to contact me.

Green miniature spinnder gourds

Gourds are a naturally occurring plant related to squash and pumpkins. The plant itself is a long vine that can grow between 20 to 40 feet long depending on the breed. There are hundreds of different breeds of gourd, each growing a unique shaped fruit. The fruit is the gourd. Unlike their cousins though, gourds can't be eaten when mature. They grow a hard wood-like shell that becomes hollow when dried. When a gourd is properly dried and cleaned, the hollow shell won't decay or degrade and it's able to be used in any form of art or craft. Gourds can be tiny, as small as 3 inches tall. Or they can be massive, as big as tables. They can be smooth, lumpy, ridged, round, barbell shaped, and so much more.


Gourd are amazing - and so is what you can do with them.

Dry gourds

Some information about gourds

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