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Other Animals

I enjoy experimenting and sculpting all walks of life. This gallery is for all of the other animals I've created. These are just a fraction of them and I'm always looking to branch out and make more!

Most of them contain gourds in some way, even the life-sized baby elephant and giraffe. There's a wide range of mixed-media added, including pipes, wood, foam, wire, paperclay, epoxy clay, glass, and more. Click the images to see more information on each piece.

You can see the animals I have for sale currently in the For Sale section. You can also contact me for custom made sculptures of any size.

base miniature price: $35-100

base small price: $100-250

base medium price: $250-400

base large price: $450-800+


Me with "Amahle Sanaa", the life-sized baby giraffe sculpture.

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