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Cats and Dogs

Having had both cats and dogs as furry family members, I love them both and enjoy creating art of them. They have such character!

Each cat or dog sculpture is made from multiple gourds, with added wire, paperclay, epoxy clay, and various other materials. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and no two are ever alike. I mainly create custom-ordered pieces, unique to your pet! Click the images to see more information on each piece.

You can see what I have for sale currently in the For Sale section. You can also contact me for custom made sculptures of any size.

base miniature price: $35-65

base small price: $100-250

base medium price: $250-400

base large price: $450-800+

(Prices are subject to change with complexity and material costs)


Large "Tweed" Boxer  Sculpture

Mcat-59 (6).jpg

Miniature Cat

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