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I paint to learn more about the animals, sharing their beauty and stories with the world ~


This is an original, one-of-a-kind painting made with acrylics on canvas. The canvas is gallery edged, with the 1” thick sides painted to match the front of the painting. It is varnished with Atelier Interactive brand acrylic sealer. Wire and hardware for hanging is included.

"Emu Elegance" was inspired by one of my family's pet emus, name Emy. Emy was a rescue - she had escaped a farm and was wandering the highway with her mate. Sadly her mate fell victim to traffic, but animal control caught Emy. They called my family's rescue farm, telling us that we had to take her or they were going to put her down. So we quickly made a large enclosure for her and brought her home, then getting 2 others to keep her company. She's a personable emu! This painting measures 11x14 inches.


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This painting ships via USPS. Shipping is included.

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"Emu Elegance" acrylic on canvas

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