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A trophy to beat them all - a large fanciful Gourd Fish!


This a handmade, one-of-a-kind gourd sculpture. The body is made of 3 gourds with clay sculpted details. Transparent plastic was used for the fins and it's mounted on a cedar root ball. It's carefully painted with acrylics and metallic powders, then sealed for long-lasting display. *NOT for outside display and CANNOT be put in water!*

Gourd Fish #6 is a great two-tailed Goldfish. Much larger than my other fish sculptures, if you caught a fish like this you'd be winning prizes! The scales are hand-painted in metallic gold over a bright orange paint. The fins are hand molded in their wavy form to make it appear as if he's swimming. He stands 12", 6.75" wide, and 11.5" long.


Because of the thick cedar base, this sculpture is heavy. It will be double-boxed and secured during shipping via Fedex only. Free shipping for US onlye.

***This is a handmade sculpture. It is NOT a toy. Some parts of this sculpture are delicate. It is NOT recommended for outside display, children, or animals. Thank you***

Giant Goldfish

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