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A treasure from the ocean deep - an urchin skeleton for you to keep!


This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind gourd sculpture. It's made of canteen gourd, hollowed and cut to resemble a real sea urchin. The pitted indentations and pattern are carved by hand and each knob is added with epoxy clay. It's hand painted with acrylics and sealed with a matte sealer and polyurethane. ***NOT for outside display***

Gourd Sea Urchin #9 is a yellow and white urchin with bold bar-like pattern. It's a full canteen shape, a hole at the bottom and hollowed out. Interior is painted white. This sculpture measures 2.25" tall and 6.5" wide.


Each Gourd sculpture is hand signed, dated, and specially numbered. No two are alike!

This ships well packed via USPS, free shipping for US only.

*This is a handmade sculpture. It is not a toy and is not for children or pets. NOT for outside display.*

Gourd Yellow Sea Urchin

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