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What can be better than owning your very own miniature kitten? How about making one!


With this fully illustrated 9 page tutorial, jam packed with images and step-by-step text, you will be able to make your own miniature kitten from mixed media and clay. The techniques can be applied to a variety of sculpting materials - paperclay, polymer clay, epoxy clay, wire, foil, gourds, and more!

Each step of the process is clearly photographed and explained with examples to help you along the way. This tutorial will take you from start to finish, helping you create your own miniature pet. The tutorial is printer compatible - only the cover page is in color to save on ink. This will be a fun project to make for any age! No previous sculpting experience is necessary!

Materials required for project:
- Items to make an armature (anything can be an armature! Gourds, tinfoil, wire, plastic, paper, wood, foam, cardboard, or even blobs of clay, and more!)
- Your preferred kind of clay. Air-drying paperclay, epoxy clay, baking polymer clay, or even ceramics.
- Sculpting tools
- Paint and brushes

Enjoy and have fun creating your very own miniature kitten!


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This tutorial is for personal use and learning only. Do not print for resale, teach, share, or commercialize this product without express written permission from, or payment of rights to, Cara Bevan. Actions that don't follow this copyright guideline are subject to law.

Miniature Gourd Kitten Sculpting Tutorial

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