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They stood at the gate, quiet and eyes closed, listening to world with all its senses and its heart. They had lived a long, loving, caring life. Yet like all things, their nine lives ran out. Don't mourn for them, for they live on elsewhere. Their love carried on into the afterlife where they became a beacon to the final gate. The glow of their soul guiding lost spirits to the warm light and whatever waited beyond - a pathfinder to the way home.


"Pathfinder" is a handmade mix-media sculpture and art lamp. Made of 3 gourds, paperclay, apoxie sculpt clay, acrylic paint, a large quartz gem (mouth), over 300 quartz crystals + rose quartz heart, india ink, and resin. An LED light fixture runs below the geode and through the tail, 2-pronged outlet.

This one-of-a-kind artwork was made for the Cameron Art Museum's annual "Illuminate" exhibit, Dec 2019-Jan 2020. It measures 12.75" tall, 11.5" wide, and 8.5" deep.


If you have any questions, feel free to message me or email me at

This lamp is shipped via Fedex only, double-boxed and amply packed and insured. Shipping included.

"Pathfinder" Cat and Quartz art lamp

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