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I paint to learn more about the animals, sharing their beauty and stories with the world ~


This is an original, one-of-a-kind painting made with acrylics on canvas. The canvas is gallery edged, with the 1” thick sides painted to match the front of the painting. It is varnished with Atelier Interactive brand acrylic sealer. Wire and hardware for hanging is included.

"The Power of Prayer" is a painting featuring a green praying mantis perched on an evergreen shrub. It was inspired by an incident involving a mantis nest that hatched in my bedroom - note to self, don't collect bug nests! The thousands of newly hatched mantises were rescued and taken outside. That incident fostered an appreciation for praying mantises. This painting measures 16x20 inches.


Like the image? Prints are available on!

This painting ships in a special reinforced painting box via FedEx. US only.

Favorite or share, and consider adding this creation to your art collection! :)


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