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This is a limited quantity (25) medium tote bag made of recycled billboard vinyl. The weatherproof printed material features swatches from my "Celeste the Cosmic Turtle" sculpture, sponsored by the amazing Artpop Street Gallery and Lamar billboards.

Each tote bag will be unique! You don't know what swatch, colors, or layout you're going to get. Rest assured you'll have a unique and colorful piece! (The black background on my billboard image will be used as straps and bottoms, so expect alot of color!) As soon as all of the vinyl is used, that's it, there won't be anymore like it.

The bags weatherproof and professionally sewn with straps, 3 pockets, a black interiors. Built to last! They're being made by Christine Kiss, full-time creator of recycled merchandise made from discarded billboards and vinyls. Want a pouch to go with your tote? There are limited pouches and large tote bags too!

Medium tote dimensions:
13” (width: side to side)
10” height
6” (depth: front to back)

Your totebag will be mailed neatly folded and shipped in a large bubble envelope via USPS. Shipping is included

Recycled Billboard Medium Totebag

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