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He often looked upon the great blue and wondered what it would be to fly; No worries, cares, or consequence. He saw the birds, those fragile things, and knew he could never fly with wings. Gazelle with their poise and grace, but even they couldn't reach such space. The bugs, the seeds, the leaves on the wind- none were enough for him! And then he thought, "The clouds, the clouds!" Magical and full of life, there they waltzed so formless and free! That, he mused, is what I want to be.


This is a handmade, one of a kind gourd sculpture. The main body of the rhino is a misshapen "apple" gourd and there's a gourd in the head. His features are hand sculpted with wire, paperclay, and epoxy clay. The eyes are custom painted glass and the sculpture is painted with acrylics. It's sealed with moisture-resistant matte and satin sealer. The inset cabochon is amazonite.

My first dreamer measures 13" tall, 5.5" wide, and 8" long.


Each sculpture is hand signed, dated, and specially numbered. No two are alike! Want to see more? Visit my artist website at

This sculpture ships double-boxed, well packed and insured, via Fedex.

*This is a handmade sculpture. It is not a toy. It is not recommended for outside display, children, or animals.* If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you!

The Dreamer: Rhino's Sky

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