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Custom Art

The bulk of my work is custom made art. Art for personal collections, pet memorials, gifts, or artwork used for public display and media such as books and promotional material. I'd be happy to work with you to meet your artistic needs!

Prices for each medium (sculpture, painting, illustration) vary, but typically I charge based on the time it takes to create the piece plus materials if applicable. There's extra fees for public media you wish to sell or loan. Based on what you're looking for, I can estimate costs with price ranges and options. Some price ranges are noted in the galleries based on previous work.

Want a custom artwork? Just send me an email at, or contact me through my social media. Let me know what you're interested in, what medium, and an estimated budget if you have one. I'd be happy to answer questions and discuss ideas with you. I'll work with you throughout the creation process to give you a final product we're both proud of!

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